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SubjectRe: [PATCH][v6] PM / hibernate: Print the possible panic reason when resuming with inconsistent e820 map

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> > So we can print warning in hibernation_die_notifier without
> > introducing a global variable?
> >
> Actually, I'd kill the machine right away.
> if (memcmp(result, buf, MD5_DIGEST_SIZE)) {
> pr_err("PM: e820 map conflict detected!\n");
> panic("BIOS is playing funny tricks with us.\n");
> }
> Best regards,
> Pavel


I would tend to think that
it's rather preferable to
kill an affected environment scope
(in this case: whole system), hard
(except for perhaps some emergency epilogue state saving),
in case of its state having become
rather than having things carry on in a merry-go-round manner and thus
making improper state progress
which translates into
*continued activity* of *corrupting things*
(possibly even leading to *persistent* i.e. storage-recorded corruption!)

Plus, killing a machine hard in such a questionable case
would increase our influx of valuable reports
due to users being
hard-pressed to report this rather than
silently ignoring / not even knowing this issue
(in those cases where we already know that
no further development fixes will be determinable,
carrying on with a dire warning probably still is preferable to
making the machine completely unusable, eternally,

Thus, think robustness.

Andreas Mohr

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