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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/6] Reduce memory waste by page extension user
On Tue 16-08-16 11:51:13, Joonsoo Kim wrote:
> From: Joonsoo Kim <>
> v2:
> Fix rebase mistake (per Vlastimil)
> Rename some variable/function to prevent confusion (per Vlastimil)
> Fix header dependency (per Sergey)
> This patchset tries to reduce memory waste by page extension user.
> First case is architecture supported debug_pagealloc. It doesn't
> requires additional memory if guard page isn't used. 8 bytes per
> page will be saved in this case.
> Second case is related to page owner feature. Until now, if page_ext
> users want to use it's own fields on page_ext, fields should be
> defined in struct page_ext by hard-coding. It has a following problem.
> struct page_ext {
> #ifdef CONFIG_A
> int a;
> #endif
> #ifdef CONFIG_B
> int b;
> #endif
> };
> Assume that kernel is built with both CONFIG_A and CONFIG_B.
> Even if we enable feature A and doesn't enable feature B at runtime,
> each entry of struct page_ext takes two int rather than one int.
> It's undesirable waste so this patch tries to reduce it. By this patchset,
> we can save 20 bytes per page dedicated for page owner feature
> in some configurations.

FWIW I like this. I have only glanced over those patches so I do not
feel comfortable to give my a-b but the approach is sensible and the
memory savings are really attractive. Page owner is a really great
debugging feauture so enabling it makes a lot of sense on production
servers where the memory wasting is a no-go.

Michal Hocko

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