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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rtc: Add an option to invalidate dates in 2038
> It doesn't change anything for 64-bit systems, I've excluded them by
> using "depends on !64BIT". Right now, it doesn't change anything for
> 32-bit systems because either way, they will fail in 2038.

Which realistically won't actually matter because in 22 years time nobody
will be able to find a 32bit system in common use. If you look at x86
platforms today a Pentium Pro is already a collectors item. All of todays
locked down half-maintained embedded and phone devices will be at best
the digital equivalent of toxic waste if connected to anything.

> Won't we have to recompile every application to support 64-bit time on
> 32-bit system anyway? That will be a good time to remove that option.

How will you know when everyone has ? There's no "autodetect which
distribution I am running" feature.

> If the distribution don't recompile to support a 64-bit time, then the
> 32-bit systems will break in 2038 anyway and they will absolutely
> require my patch or something along those lines to still boot using
> systemd.

I disagree. Systemd has a serious robustness bug. Patch systemd to handle
timerd going off early and to take appropriate recovery action.

If you fix the systemd bug you'll also deal with a load of other weird
cornercases like 32bit guests on a 64bit host that accidentally ended up
post 2038, and every other freaky rtc failure.


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