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SubjectLinux 4.5-rc5
Things continue to look normal, and things hav ebeen fairly calm. Yes,
the VM THP cleanup seems to still be problematic on s390, but other
than that I don't see anything particularly worrisome.

So another week, another rc. The patch looks pretty normal, with about
55% drivers (drm and clk drivers stand out, but aren't alone) and
almost 20% arch updates (arm, m68k, powerpc, s390, x86). The rest is
spread out - filesystems (ext4, efi, cifs), some core kernel and
header files. And a few documentation updates. Everything fairly

The shortlog is appended.


Alan Cox (1):
blk: fix overflow in queue_discard_max_hw_show

Alexey Kardashevskiy (1):
powerpc/ioda: Set "read" permission when "write" is set

Amitoj Kaur Chawla (1):
clk: tegra: Add missing of_node_put()

Andre Przywara (1):
KVM: arm/arm64: Fix reference to uninitialised VGIC

Andreas Schwab (1):
powerpc: Fix dedotify for binutils >= 2.26

Andrew Bresticker (1):
clk: tegra: pll: Fix potential sleeping-while-atomic

Andrzej Hajda (1):
drm/exynos/decon: fix disable clocks order

Andy Shevchenko (2):
dmaengine: dw: pci: add ID for WildcatPoint PCH
dmaengine: dw: disable BLOCK IRQs for non-cyclic xfer

Aneesh Kumar K.V (2):
powerpc/book3s_32: Fix build error with checkpoint restart
powerpc/mm: Fix Multi hit ERAT cause by recent THP update

Anton Protopopov (3):
cifs: fix erroneous return value
ext4: ioctl: fix erroneous return value
drm/qxl: fix erroneous return value

Arnd Bergmann (3):
spi: fix counting in spi-loopback-test code
pinctrl: nomadik: hide unused functions
tracing: Fix freak link error caused by branch tracer

Axel Lin (1):
clk: scpi: Fix checking return value of platform_device_register_simple()

Biao Huang (1):
pinctrl: mediatek: fix direction control issue

Bob Liu (1):
xen/blkfront: realloc ring info in blkif_resume

CQ Tang (1):
iommu/vt-d: Fix 64-bit accesses to 32-bit DMAR_GSTS_REG

Chris Wilson (1):
drm/i915: Allow i915_gem_object_get_page() on userptr as well

Christian Borntraeger (1):
s390: fix DAT off memory access, e.g. on kdump

Christoph Hellwig (1):
nvme: fix Kconfig description for BLK_DEV_NVME_SCSI

Colin Ian King (1):
cifs: remove redundant check for null string pointer

Cyrille Pitchen (1):
spi: atmel: fix gpio chip-select in case of non-DT platform

Dave Airlie (1):
Revert "drm/dp/mst: change MST detection scheme"

Dave Jiang (1):
dmaengine: IOATDMA: fix timer code that continues to restart
channels during idle

David Woodhouse (2):
iommu/vt-d: Fix mm refcounting to hold mm_count not mm_users
iommu/vt-d: Clear PPR bit to ensure we get more page request interrupts

Denis Kirjanov (1):
powerpc/pseries: Don't trace hcalls on offline CPUs

Dmitry Safonov (1):
mm: slab: free kmem_cache_node after destroy sysfs file

Eric Anholt (8):
drm/vc4: Validate that WAIT_BO padding is cleared.
drm/vc4: Fix the clear color for the first tile rendered.
drm/vc4: Return an ERR_PTR from BO creation instead of NULL.
drm/vc4: Fix -ERESTARTSYS error return from BO waits.
drm/vc4: Drop error message on seqno wait timeouts.
drm/vc4: Fix spurious GPU resets due to BO reuse.
drm/vc4: Enable runtime PM.
drm/vc4: Use runtime PM to power cycle the device when the GPU hangs.

Eryu Guan (2):
ext4: don't read blocks from disk after extents being swapped
ext4: remove unused parameter "newblock" in convert_initialized_extent()

EunTaik Lee (1):
arm64: mm: allow the kernel to handle alignment faults on user accesses

Fabio Estevam (1):
serial: fsl-imx-uart: Fix typo in fsl,dte-mode description

Filipe Manana (1):
Btrfs: fix direct IO requests not reporting IO error to user space

Gao Pan (1):
spi: imx: fix spi resource leak with dma transfer

Gavin Shan (2):
powerpc/eeh: Fix stale cached primary bus
powerpc/powernv: Fix stale PE primary bus

Geert Uytterhoeven (2):
m68k: Wire up copy_file_range
m68k/defconfig: Update defconfigs for v4.5-rc1

Gerd Hoffmann (1):
drm/qxl: use kmalloc_array to alloc reloc_info in

Hannes Reinecke (1):
bio: return EINTR if copying to user space got interrupted

Heiko Carstens (8):
s390/stacktrace: fix save_stack_trace_tsk() for current task
s390/stacktrace: fix address ranges for asynchronous and panic stack
s390/stacktrace: add missing end marker
s390/stacktrace: save full stack traces
s390/perf_event: fix address range for asynchronous stack
s390/oprofile: fix address range for asynchronous stack
s390/diag: avoid lockdep recursion
s390/maccess: reduce stnsm instructions

Hou Zhiqiang (1):
spi/fsl-espi: Correct the maximum transaction length

Huaitong Han (1):
ext4: add a line break for proc mb_groups display

Hugh Dickins (1):
mm, x86: fix pte_page() crash in gup_pte_range()

Insu Yun (2):
cifs: fix potential overflow in cifs_compose_mount_options
ext4: fix potential integer overflow

James Bottomley (1):
scsi: fix soft lockup in scsi_remove_target() on module removal

Jan Kara (3):
ext4: fix scheduling in atomic on group checksum failure
ext4: fix bh->b_state corruption
ext4: fix crashes in dioread_nolock mode

Jani Nikula (5):
drm/i915/dsi: defend gpio table against out of bounds access
drm/i915/dsi: don't pass arbitrary data to sideband
drm/i915/dsi: skip gpio element execution when not supported
drm/i915/dp: abstract training pattern selection
drm/i915/dp: reduce missing TPS3 support errors to debug logging

Jason Andryuk (1):
lib/ucs2_string: Correct ucs2 -> utf8 conversion

Javier González (2):
lightnvm: warn if irqs are disabled in lock laddr
lightnvm: fix request intersection locking in rrpc

Javier Martinez Canillas (1):
rtc: s3c: Document required clocks in the DT binding

Jeff Layton (2):
Revert "fsnotify: destroy marks with call_srcu instead of
dedicated thread"
fsnotify: turn fsnotify reaper thread into a workqueue job

Jeremy Linton (1):
arm/arm64: crypto: assure that ECB modes don't require an IV

Jessica Yu (1):
ftrace/module: remove ftrace module notifier

Jianqun xu (1):
clk: rockchip: rk3368: fix some clock gates

Jiri Kosina (2):
floppy: fix lock_fdc() signal handling
floppy: refactor open() flags handling

John Ogness (1):
dmaengine: edma: fix residue race for cyclic

Jon Hunter (7):
clk: tegra: Add the APB2APE audio clock on Tegra210
clk: tegra: Fix clock sources for Tegra210 EMC
clk: tegra: Fix warning caused by pll_u failing to lock
clk: tegra: Use definition for pll_u override bit
clk: tegra: Fix sparse warning for pll_m
clk: tegra: Fix sparse warnings for functions not declared as static
clk: tegra: super: Fix sparse warnings for functions not
declared as static

Joonyoung Shim (1):
drm/exynos: depend on ARCH_EXYNOS for DRM_EXYNOS

Keith Busch (7):
block: Initialize max_dev_sectors to 0
blk-mq: End unstarted requests on dying queue
NVMe: Fix io incapable return values
NVMe: Allow request merges
NVMe: Requeue requests on suspended queues
NVMe: Poll device while still active during remove
NVMe: Rate limit nvme IO warnings

Kirill A. Shutemov (3):
thp, dax: do not try to withdraw pgtable from non-anon VMA
mm: fix regression in remap_file_pages() emulation
ipc/shm: handle removed segments gracefully in shm_mmap()

Kirill Tkhai (1):
ext4: fix memleak in ext4_readdir()

Krzysztof Adamski (1):
pinctrl: sunxi: H3 requires irq_read_needs_mux

Linus Torvalds (1):
Linux 4.5-rc5

Linus Walleij (1):
clk: versatile: mask VCO bits before writing

Lyude (2):
drm/i915/skl: Don't skip mst encoders in skl_ddi_pll_select()
drm/i915/skl: Fix typo in DPLL_CFGCR1 definition

Maarten Lankhorst (1):
drm/atomic: Allow for holes in connector state, v2.

Marc Gonzalez (1):
clk: tango4: rename ARCH_TANGOX to ARCH_TANGO

Marek Szyprowski (10):
drm/exynos: ipp: fix incorrect format specifiers in debug messages
drm/exynos: fix types for compilation on 64bit architectures
drm/exynos: mic: use devm_clk interface
drm/exynos: mic: convert to component framework
drm/exynos: mic: make all functions static
drm/exynos: dsi: restore support for drm bridge
drm/exynos: exynos5433_decon: fix wrong state assignment in decon_enable
drm/exynos: exynos5433_decon: fix wrong state in decon_vblank_enable
drm/exynos: fix incorrect cpu address for dma_mmap_attrs()
arm64: dma-mapping: fix handling of devices registered before

Mario Kleiner (6):
drm: No-Op redundant calls to drm_vblank_off() (v2)
drm: Prevent vblank counter bumps > 1 with active vblank clients. (v2)
drm: Fix drm_vblank_pre/post_modeset regression from Linux 4.4
drm: Fix treatment of drm_vblank_offdelay in drm_vblank_on() (v2)
drm/radeon/pm: Handle failure of drm_vblank_get.
drm/nouveau/display: Enable vblank irqs after display engine is on again.

Mark Kuo (2):
clk: tegra: Do not disable PLLE when under hardware control
clk: tegra: Fix PLLE SS coefficients

Masahiro Yamada (2):
pinctrl: pxa: export pxa2xx_pinctrl_init()
arm64: kbuild: make "make install" not depend on vmlinux

Matias Bjørling (3):
lightnvm: check overflow and correct mlc pairs
lightnvm: allow to force mm initialization
null_blk: oops when initializing without lightnvm

Matt Fleming (1):
efi: Add pstore variables to the deletion whitelist

Matt Roper (2):
drm/i915/bxt: Don't save/restore eDP panel power during suspend (v3)
drm/i915: Pretend cursor is always on for ILK-style WM calculations (v2)

Michael S. Tsirkin (1):
hpet: Drop stale URLs

Mike Krinkin (1):
block: fix use-after-free in dio_bio_complete

Miroslav Benes (1):
livepatch: change the error message in asm/livepatch.h header files

Peter Jones (5):
lib/ucs2_string: Add ucs2 -> utf8 helper functions
efi: Use ucs2_as_utf8 in efivarfs instead of open coding a bad version
efi: Do variable name validation tests in utf8
efi: Make our variable validation list include the guid
efi: Make efivarfs entries immutable by default

Pratyush Anand (1):
s390/stacktrace: add save_stack_trace_regs()

Rasmus Villemoes (4):
drm/i915: fix error path in intel_setup_gmbus()
drm/amdgpu: use post-decrement in error handling
drm/radeon: use post-decrement in error handling
drm/nouveau: use post-decrement in error handling

Rhyland Klein (6):
clk: tegra: Fix divider on VI_I2C
clk: tegra: Remove improper flags for lock_enable
clk: tegra: Fix naming of MISC registers
clk: tegra: Fix the misnaming of nvenc from msenc
clk: tegra: Fix pllx dyn step calculation
clk: tegra: Fix typos around clearing PLLE bits during enable

Robin Murphy (1):
of/irq: Fix msi-map calculation for nonzero rid-base

Roman Pen (1):
block: fix module reference leak on put_disk() call for cgroups throttle

Sebastian Hesselbarth (1):
pinctrl: mvebu: fix num_settings in mpp group assignment

Shuah Khan (1):
MAINTAINERS: update Kselftest Framework mailing list

Simon Guinot (1):
kernel/resource.c: fix muxed resource handling in __request_region()

Simon Horman (1):
MAINTAINERS: Update mailing list for Renesas ARM64 SoC Development

Stefan Haberland (3):
s390/dasd: prevent incorrect length error under z/VM after PAV changes
s390/dasd: fix refcount for PAV reassignment
s390/dasd: fix performance drop

Stephan Olbrich (1):
spi: bcm2835aux: fix bitmask defines

Stephane Gasparini (1):
kernel/fs: fix I/O wait not accounted for RW O_DSYNC

Stephen Boyd (3):
clk: mvebu: Mark ioremapped memory as __iomem
Revert "clk: qcom: Specify LE device endianness"
clk: gpio: Really allow an optional clock= DT property

Steven Rostedt (Red Hat) (1):
tracepoints: Do not trace when cpu is offline

Tahsin Erdogan (2):
deadline: remove unused struct member
writeback: initialize inode members that track writeback history

Takashi Iwai (4):
ALSA: seq: Fix leak of pool buffer at concurrent writes
ALSA: hda - Cancel probe work instead of flush at remove
ALSA: seq: Fix double port list deletion
ALSA: pcm: Fix rwsem deadlock for non-atomic PCM stream

Tejun Heo (1):
writeback: keep superblock pinned during cgroup writeback
association switches

Theodore Ts'o (2):
ext4 crypto: revalidate dentry after adding or removing the key
ext4 crypto: move context consistency check to ext4_file_open()

Thierry Reding (1):
arm64/efi: Make strnlen() available to the EFI namespace

Thomas Gleixner (4):
perf/x86/amd/uncore: Plug reference leak
perf/core: Remove bogus UP_CANCELED hotplug state
perf/core: Remove the bogus and dangerous CPU_DOWN_FAILED hotplug state
perf/core: Plug potential memory leak in CPU_UP_PREPARE

Tirumalesh Chalamarla (1):
arm64: KVM: Configure TCR_EL2.PS at runtime

Todd Fujinaka (1):
SCSI: Add Marvell configuration device to VPD blacklist

Tony Lindgren (1):
spi: omap2-mcspi: Fix PM regression with deferred probe for

Toshi Kani (4):
x86/uaccess/64: Make the __copy_user_nocache() assembly code more readable
x86/uaccess/64: Handle the caching of 4-byte nocache copies
properly in __copy_user_nocache()
x86/mm: Fix vmalloc_fault() to handle large pages properly
devm_memremap_release(): fix memremap'd addr handling

Vaishali Thakkar (1):
mm/hugetlb.c: fix incorrect proc nr_hugepages value

Ville Syrjälä (1):
drm/i915: Fix hpd live status bits for g4x

Wenwei Tao (1):
lightnvm: put bio before return

Will Deacon (2):
arm64: debug: re-enable irqs before sending breakpoint SIGTRAP
dt-bindings: arm, gic-v3: require that reserved cells are always 0

Xing Zheng (4):
clk: rockchip: rk3036: fix the FLAGs for clock mux
clk: rockchip: rk3036: fix uarts clock error
clk: rockchip: rk3036: fix the div offset for emac clock
clk: rockchip: rk3036: rename emac ext source clock

Yang Shi (2):
arm64: disable kasan when accessing frame->fp in unwind_frame
arm64: make irq_stack_ptr more robust

Youngmin Nam (1):
pinctrl: samsung: fix SMP race condition

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