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SubjectRe: [REGRESSION, bisected] 4.5rc4 sound fsl-soc
On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 10:57:58PM +0200, Mika Penttilä wrote:
> Mark,

> I can confirm that the patch:


Please don't top post, reply in line with needed context. This allows
readers to readily follow the flow of conversation and understand what
you are talking about and also helps ensure that everything in the
discussion is being addressed. Please also fix your mail client to word
wrap within paragraphs at something substantially less than 80 columns.
Doing this makes your messages much easier to read and reply to.

Please include human readable descriptions of things like commits and
issues being discussed in e-mail in your mails, this makes them much
easier for humans to read especially when they have no internet access.
I do frequently catch up on my mail on flights or while otherwise
travelling so this is even more pressing for me than just being about
making things a bit easier to read.

> solved the audio codec probing issue for me. Without it there's no sound on imx6 with 4.5-rc4.

Did this ever work? What is the problem, this is the first message in
this thread I have seen (the subject line isn't very intelligable with
very long tags that hide most of the actual text, I may well have
deleted prior mails)?
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