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SubjectSome afterthoughts on "open source".
Everything Open-source is not viable, and my experience with GNU exposes 
it as a cult, with brainwashing, and sect-type thinking.

There is no economic flow in a totemic jungle. Nor is the rage of
cultists particulary pleasant. And The GNU foundation and its cow is
obviously a hippie joke. This has no real worth.

You need to consider indeed the best of your development environment,
the worth of "open source", and vs the worth of "closed source".

Microsoft business practises are working well on higher level things,
while maybe we see more enthusiastic and efficient programming on the
kernel components in the linux environment. If you think that is what it
is worth, then ofcourse you should drop GNU in favour of public domain,
or indeed a more reasonable licence, and paradigm. That interfaces with
an economy like that of Microsoft on the higher layers. Then you have
the best of both.

If you follow Microsoft practise, then ofcourse you leave quite a bit to
the 3rd parties.

Ove Hyah Karlsen.

Famous for optimal low-jitter kernel configs and tweaks, top 1% research
on religion on, and now also: -1dB RMS master:

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