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SubjectRE: [RESEND PATCH V6 0/6] Add support for privileged mappings
Hi Robin,

>>> Hi Sricharan,
>>> On 02/12/16 14:55, Sricharan R wrote:
>>>> This series is a resend of the V5 that Mitch sent sometime back [2]
>>>> All the patches are the same and i have just rebased. Not sure why this
>>>> finally did not make it last time. The last patch in the previous
>>>> series does not apply now [3], so just redid that. Also Copied the tags
>>>> that he had from last time as well.
>>> Heh, I was assuming this would be down to me to pick up. Vinod did have
>>> some complaints last time about the commit message on the PL330 patch -
>>> I did get as far as rewriting that and reworking onto my SMMU
>>> changes[1], I just hadn't got round to sending it, so it fell onto the
>>> "after the next merge window" pile.
>>> I'd give some review comments, but they'd essentially be a diff against
>>> that branch :)
>> Sure, i did not knew that you were on this already. I can repost with the diff
>> from your branch taken in or wait for you as well. I am fine with either ways
>> that you suggest.
>> I checked the patches against your branch, i see that the changes are,
>> 1) one patch for implementing it for armv7s descriptor
>> 2) Changes on pl330 patch commit logs and
>> 3) One patch for doing the revert on arm-smmuv3 as well.
>If you want to pick up my short-descriptor and SMMUv3 patches and run
>with them you're more than welcome - the rest is just cosmetic stuff
>which doesn't really matter, especially as it's picking up acks as-is.

Sure, i will repost with additional stuff picked up from your branch and
the acks as well.


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