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SubjectRe: [SPCR] mmio32 iotype access requirements for X-Gene 8250(_dw) UART
Hi Mark,

On 12/03/2016 12:15 PM, Mark Salter wrote:
> On Sat, 2016-12-03 at 05:06 -0500, Jon Masters wrote:

>> There is a broader problem with X-Gene SPCR support. The problem is
>> that the 16550 UART in X-Gene requires the 32-bit access quirk (the
>> iotype is set to UPIO_MEM32 for the APMC0D08 device). This means
>> that when univ8250_console_match runs later, it will compare the
>> iotype (MEM32) with the type previously registered with the
>> kernel when the earlycon setup the preferred console.
> Linaro has a kernel patch which looks at the bit_width field of the
> port address:
> Author: Aleksey Makarov <>
> Date: Thu Apr 28 19:52:38 2016 +0300
> serial: SPCR: check bit width for the 16550 UART
> The SPCR in 3.06.25 firmware has a bit_width field set to 32 and with the
> above patch, I don't need to use console=. But HP firmware on m400 sets
> bit width to 8 so that needs a firmware fix to work with above.

Indeed, thanks. Graeme also mentioned that last night. I think this
a good solution for the moment, but still that it makes sense to
have a new 16650 UART type defined in the DBG2 spec for those
requiring 32-bit access (to mirror the type D for pl011). I
heard back from Microsoft this morning that they're looking.


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