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SubjectRe: [PATCH 14/17] ASoC: add simple-graph-card document

Hi Mark

> This document really needs quite a bit of fleshing out but I'm not sure
> that should be a blocker for the series as a whole especially given that
> English is not your native language - we can build out later. I think

I'm sorry about my English...

> One thing I'm not 100% clear on here is why it has to be a CPU DAI (I'm
> guessing just one of them though the above says ports as an option?)
> that creates the card? Is there a concrete reason for that or is it
> just being defined as good pracctice?

This explain was not understandable, indeed.

This means, CPU side's port on DT need to have compatible,
and CPU side driver need to call asoc_simple_card_try_to_probe_graph_card()
(= [PATCH 12/17]). asoc_simple_card_try_to_probe_graph_card()
will check this compatible, and probe card driver.
I will fixup and repost v3 after of-graph people's review

compatible = "asoc-simple-graph-card";

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