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Subject[PATCH 00/23] LightNVM patches for 4.10
Hi Jens,

A bunch of patches for 4.10 have been prepared.

Javier has been busy eliminating abstractions in the LightNVM
interface. Mainly killing generic nvm_block and nvm_lun, which
simplifies the locking mechanism within targets. He also added a couple
of new hints and error codes that are useful for the hardware.

I have a small fix to fix a wrong free, and also a larger patch that
attaches the sysfs entries added in 4.9 to attach to the native nvme

With these patches, the pblk target is ready to be upstreamed. If
nothing comes along to delay it, we will push it in the next cycle.

Please pick up.


Javier González (21):
lightnvm: enable to send hint to erase command
lightnvm: do not protect block 0
lightnvm: export set bad block table
lightnvm: add ECC error codes
lightnvm: rrpc: split bios of size > 256kb
lightnvm: remove sysfs configuration interface
lightnvm: cleanup unused target operations
lightnvm: make address conversion functions global
lightnvm: remove unnecessary variables in rrpc
lightnvm: use constant name instead of value
lightnvm: remove gen_lun abstraction
lightnvm: manage lun partitions internally in mm
lightnvm: move block provisioning to targets
lightnvm: remove get_lun operation on gennvm
lightnvm: remove debug lun statistics from gennvm
lightnvm: eliminate nvm_block abstraction on mm
lightnvm: eliminate nvm_lun abstraction in mm
lightnvm: introduce helpers for generic ops in rrpc
lightnvm: introduce max_phys_sects helper function
lightnvm: use target nvm on target-specific ops.
lightnvm: transform target get/set bad block

Matias Bjørling (2):
nvme: lightnvm: frees wrong cmd structure
nvme: lightnvm: attach lightnvm sysfs to nvme block device

drivers/lightnvm/Makefile | 2 +-
drivers/lightnvm/core.c | 375 +++++++++++-------------
drivers/lightnvm/gennvm.c | 663 +++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
drivers/lightnvm/gennvm.h | 34 ++-
drivers/lightnvm/lightnvm.h | 35 ---
drivers/lightnvm/rrpc.c | 514 +++++++++++++++++++++------------
drivers/lightnvm/rrpc.h | 65 ++++-
drivers/lightnvm/sysblk.c | 98 +++----
drivers/lightnvm/sysfs.c | 198 -------------
drivers/nvme/host/core.c | 45 ++-
drivers/nvme/host/lightnvm.c | 192 ++++++++++++-
drivers/nvme/host/nvme.h | 31 +-
include/linux/lightnvm.h | 244 ++++++++--------
13 files changed, 1278 insertions(+), 1218 deletions(-)
delete mode 100644 drivers/lightnvm/lightnvm.h
delete mode 100644 drivers/lightnvm/sysfs.c


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