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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/10] mmc: sdhci-xenon: Add support to PHYs of Marvell Xenon SDHC
Hi Ulf,

On 2016/11/28 19:13, Ulf Hansson wrote:
>> As you suggest, I replace mmc_wait_for_cmd() with mmc_send_tuning(), to
>> send commands for testing current sampling point set in our host PHY.
>> According to my test result, it shows that mmc_send_tuning() can only support
>> tuning command (CMD21/CMD19).
>> As a result, we cannot use mmc_send_tuning() when card is in the speed modes
>> which doesn't support tuning, such as eMMC HS SDR, eMMC HS DRR and
>> SD SDR 12/SDR25/DDR50. Card will not response to tuning commands in those
>> speed modes.
>> Could you please provide suggestions for the speed mode in which tuning is
>> not available?
> Normally the mmc host driver shouldn't have to care about what the
> card supports, as that is the responsibility of the mmc core to
> manage.
> The host should only need to implement the ->execute_tuning() ops,
> which gets called when the card supports tuning (CMD19/21). Does it
> make sense?
I think it is irrelevant to tuning procedure.

Our host requires to adjust PHY setting after each time ios setting
(SDCLK/bus width/speed mode) is changed.
The simplified sequence is:
mmc change ios --> mmc_set_ios() --> ->set_ios() --> after sdhci_set_ios(),
adjust PHY setting.
During PHY setting adjustment, out host driver has to send commands to
test current sampling point. Tuning is another independent step.

Thus our host needs a valid command in PHY setting adjustment. Tuning command
can be borrowed to complete this task in SD SDR50. But for other speed mode,
we have to find out a valid command.

Any suggestion please?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Hu Ziji

> Kind regards
> Uffe

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