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SubjectRe: [PATCH 12/20] net/iucv: Convert to hotplug state machine
On 2016-11-23 19:04:16 [+0100], Ursula Braun wrote:
> Sebastian,
Hallo Ursula,

> your patch looks good to me. I run successfully some small tests with it.
> I want to suggest a small change in iucv_init() to keep the uniform technique
> of undo labels below. Do you agree?

So what you ask for is:

diff --git a/net/iucv/iucv.c b/net/iucv/iucv.c
index f0d6afc5d4a9..8f7ef167c45a 100644
--- a/net/iucv/iucv.c
+++ b/net/iucv/iucv.c
@@ -2038,16 +2038,16 @@ static int __init iucv_init(void)
rc = cpuhp_setup_state(CPUHP_NET_IUCV_PREPARE, "net/iucv:prepare",
iucv_cpu_prepare, iucv_cpu_dead);
if (rc)
- goto out_free;
+ goto out_dev;
rc = cpuhp_setup_state(CPUHP_AP_ONLINE_DYN, "net/iucv:online",
iucv_cpu_online, iucv_cpu_down_prep);
if (rc < 0)
- goto out_free;
+ goto out_prep;
iucv_online = rc;

rc = register_reboot_notifier(&iucv_reboot_notifier);
if (rc)
- goto out_free;
+ goto out_remove_hp;
ASCEBC(iucv_error_no_listener, 16);
ASCEBC(iucv_error_no_memory, 16);
ASCEBC(iucv_error_pathid, 16);
@@ -2061,11 +2061,11 @@ static int __init iucv_init(void)

- if (iucv_online)
- cpuhp_remove_state(iucv_online);
+ cpuhp_remove_state(iucv_online);
unregister_external_irq(EXT_IRQ_IUCV, iucv_external_interrupt);
This is your change including the removal of the `if' check in the
`out_remove' label which got renamed to `out_remove_hp'.
Of course, I agree with this change and a proper patch will follow in a
few hours if nobody objects.

> Kind regards, Ursula


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