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SubjectRe: [patch v8 1/1] i2c: add master driver for mellanox systems

looks mostly good. I just found this comment which needs clarification:

> + /*
> + * All upper layers currently are never use transfer with more than
> + * 2 messages.

Have you really checked ALL of the upper layers? And even if so, there
is the dev-interface to userspace which allows for arbitrary I2C
transfers using I2C_RDWR.

> Actually, it's also not so relevant in Mellanox systems
> + * because of HW limitation.

What kind of HW limitation do you mean here? Can Mellanox send more than
two messages?

> Max size of transfer is o more than 20B

"is o more"? Typo?

> + * in current x86 LPCI2C bridge.

What does that mean in result?



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