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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/9] ASoC: pxa: switch to new ac97 bus support
Robert Jarzmik <> writes:

> Robert Jarzmik <> writes:
>> Switch to the new ac97 bus support in sound/ac97 instead of the legacy
>> snd_ac97 one.
>> Signed-off-by: Robert Jarzmik <>
> I realized this one impacts sound/arm/pxa2xx-ac97.c.
> This deserves a v2, with this patch being split into 2 pieces :
> - one for pxa2xx-ac97-lib.*
> - one which will be the true switch to the new ac97 bus.

And as another consequence, all pxa ac97 based codecs should be converted. So
far, machine drivers in sound/soc/pxa/*.c using ac97 all use either wm9705,
wm9712 or wm9713.

Therefore for this patch to be usable, I must also convert wm9705 and wm9712.



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