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SubjectRe: please, where has xconfig KConf option documentation gone with linux 4.8's Qt5 / Qt4 xconfig ?
On 11/01/16 05:17, Boris Barbulovski wrote:
> hi Randy,
> Frankly I don't have answer to your questions, but I did reproduced
> the issues you described.
> And found that:
> * `Show Debug Info` menu item was(created, but) not added to the menu.
> * if the `showDebug` setting was set to true, the the initial widgets
> state will not be set correctly.
> I did a patch of those issues fixed.
> If you choose to keep the `showDebug` stuff in, you can checkout/test the patch.

Your patch works ... but I don't find the Show Debug Info option to be
useful, so I would just remove it completely.

anyone else have views on this?


> On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 3:47 AM, Randy Dunlap <> wrote:
>> On 10/17/16 10:28, Randy Dunlap wrote:
>>> Boris or Thiago,
>>> Any comments, suggestions, or patches about this?
>>> thanks.
>> Hi Boris and Thiago,
>> Other than you patch of Oct. 17 (which needs to be added to linux-kconfig for
>> linux-next testing), the OP (Jason) mentioned that the xconfig "Help, Introduction"
>> mentions a toggle called "Show Debug Info" but there is no such option under
>> the Option menu.
>> The source file does contain a boolean called _showDebug. How is it
>> used? It appears to only be settable by editing the .config/
>> file:
>> qconf\help\showDebug=false
>> and changing that 'false' to 'true'. Doing that still does not show any debug options
>> in the xconfig windows. What it appears to do is to highlight (via html) the kconfig
>> keywords so that the user can click on them, but when I do that, nothing useful
>> happens (they just disappear!).
>> So the questions are basically:
>> 1. should be Help/Introduction text be cleaned up so that it does not refer to
>> Show Debug Options? or should that toggle be reinstated?
>> 2. how is /showDebug used? should it be documented? should it be fixed?
>> should it be deleted?
>> Thanks.
>>> On 10/15/16 04:09, Jason Vas Dias wrote:
>>>> Aha, thanks! I never would have known this without being told -
>>>> there is no visible indication that the symbol info pane exists
>>>> at all until one tries to drag the lower right corner of the window
>>>> notth-eastwards - is this meant to be somehow an intuitive thing to
>>>> do these days to view more info ?
>>>> I did manage to view the option documentation with nconfig /
>>>> using emacs to view the KConf files (preferable).
>>>> Really, it would be nice if xconfig had some 'View' Menu & one could select
>>>> View -> Option Documentation or press <F1> over an option to view the
>>>> documentation for it , and if the geometry of the different panes was
>>>> correct at
>>>> startup .- the whole Option value pane initially appears on the far right hand
>>>> side, about 10 pixels wide , until resized ; and there really is no sign of the
>>>> documentation pane at all until lower right-hand corner dragged.
>>>> Also, in the Help -> Introduction panel, it says :
>>>> "Toggling Show Debug Info under the Options menu will show the
>>>> dependencies..."
>>>> but there is no "Show Debug Info" option on the Options menu - sounds like
>>>> it might be a useful feature - should I be seeing a "Show Debug Info" option ?
>>>> why don't I see one ? Maybe the Options menu might be a good place to put
>>>> an "Expand Option Documentation Pane" option ?
>>>> Thanks anyway for the info.


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