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SubjectBUG? genirq: irq 14 uses trigger mode 8; requested 0

I started seeing following messages on Intel Broxton when the
pinctrl/GPIO driver [1] loads:

[ 0.645786] genirq: irq 14 uses trigger mode 8; requested 0

The driver shares interrupt with other GPIO "communities" or banks so it
uses request_irq() instead of irq_set_chained_handler_and_data(). The
driver does not specify IRQ flags as those come from ACPI resources.

This started happen after commit 4b357daed698 ("genirq: Look-up trigger
type if not specified by caller").

I think this is what happens:

1. ACPI platform sets up the interrupt according what is in the _CRS
of the GPIO device. This ends up setting trigger type for irq_data of
the irq.

2. First GPIO device is found and the driver calls request_irq() which
calls __setup_irq() where shared == 0.

3. Since new->flags is read back from irq_data we call __irq_set_trigger()
passing the flags.

4. The parent IRQ chip, IO-APIC, does not have ->irq_set_type callback
so __irq_set_trigger() never calls irq_settings_set_trigger_mask() for
the desciptor.

5. The second GPIO device is found and this time shared == 1 so we
end up comparing nmsk with omsk where nmsk was read from irq_data
and omsk is read using irq_settings_get_trigger_mask().

6. Because we never called irq_settings_set_trigger_mask() for the
descriptor, omsk is 0 and we print out a warning:

[ 0.645786] genirq: irq 14 uses trigger mode 8; requested 0

If I revert commit 4b357daed698 the warning goes away.

Do you have any ideas how to get rid of the warning properly?

Thanks in advance.

[1] drivers/pinctrl/intel/pinctrl-intel.c

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