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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] MIPS: Fix ISA I/II FP signal context offsets
On Tue, 1 Nov 2016, Paul Burton wrote:

> BTW, do you have a feel for whether there's a good r2k/r3k platform (ideal
> would be some software emulator if any are good enough) that we could hook up
> to our continuous integration system? That would help us to catch any
> regressions like this in future before they hit mainline.

I know about no such platform I'm afraid.

QEMU does not have the R2k/R3k exception/MMU/cache model and implementing
that would be a considerable effort I see no volunteers for. I haven't
heard of any other simulator which might be closer to implementing that

As to using real hardware -- I might be the closest myself to be capable
of doing some automated testing as I have an R3k machine in my home lab
wired for remote control. It could track Ralf's `mips-for-linux-next'
branch and watch out for regressions, by trying to build and boot kernels
automatically on a regular basis; maybe doing some further validation
even, such as running GCC or glibc regression testing. But while the
target is ready I'm still missing the host-side setup, which I haven't
completed. I don't think there's any other hardware readily available
which could be hooked somewhere.

So for the time being I think we need to continue relying on people
spotting issues by hand. I think we've been doing pretty good overall.

Thanks for your review.


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