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SubjectRe: [PREEMPT-RT] Oops in rapl_cpu_prepare()
> On 2016-10-27 15:00:32 [-0400], Charles (Chas) Williams wrote:
>> [snip]
>> But sometimes the topology info is correct and if I get lucky, the
>> package id could be valid for all the CPU's. Given the behavior,
>> I have seen so far it makes me thing the RAPL isn't being emulated.
>> So even if I did boot onto a "valid" set of cores, would I always be
>> certain that I will be on those cores?
> I don't what vmware does here. Nor do they ship source to check. So if
> you have a big HW box with say two packages, it might make sense to give
> this information to the guest _if_ the CPUs are pinned and the guest
> never migrates.
>> Per your request in your next email:
>> > One thing I forgot to ask: Could you please check if you get the same
>> > pkgid reported for cpu 0-3 on a pre-v4.8 kernel? (before the hotplug
>> > rework).
>> Our previous kernel was 4.4, and didn't use the logical package id:
> I see.
> Did the patch I sent fixed it for you and were you not able to test?

Hello Sebastian,

The patch fixes the kernel oops for me.

I am using a custom 4.8.5-based kernel on Qubes OS R3.2, which is based
on Xen 4.6.3. Apparently, Xen also has a similar bug/flaw/quirk regarding
the allocation of package identifiers for the virtual CPUs.

Prior to your patch, my Xen-based virtual machines would intermittently
crash most of the time at boot-up with the backtrace reported by Charles.
Due to this, I was under the impression that this is a subtle race

With your patch, the virtual machines boot-up successfully, all the time.
Here are the relevant excerpts from dmesg:

=== 8< ===
[ 0.263936] RAPL PMU: rapl pmu error: max package: 1 but CPU0 belongs to 65535
[ 2.213669] intel_rapl: Found RAPL domain package
[ 2.213689] intel_rapl: Found RAPL domain core
[ 2.216337] intel_rapl: Found RAPL domain uncore
[ 2.216370] intel_rapl: RAPL package 0 domain package locked by BIOS
=== >8 ===

Thank you,


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