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Subject[ANNOUNCE] iproute 4.8
Release of iproute2 for Linux 4.8, slightly late because of netdev.

Update to iproute2 utility to support new features in Linux 4.8.
Includes support for MACSEC and ILA.
Plus the usual array of documentation and minor fixes.



Report problems (or enhancements) to the mailing list.

Andrey Jr. Melnikov (1):
iproute: disallow ip rule del without parameters

David Ahern (1):
ip rule: Add support for l3mdev rules

Davide Caratti (5):
macsec: fix input of 'port', improve documentation of 'address'
man: ip.8: add missing 'macsec' item to OBJECT list
macsec: fix byte ordering on input/display of 'sci'
tc: don't accept qdisc 'handle' greater than ffff
macsec: fix input range of 'icvlen' parameter

Eric Dumazet (1):

Gustavo Zacarias (1):
ss: fix build with musl libc

Hangbin Liu (5):
nstat: add sctp snmp support
gitignore: Ignore 'tags' file generated by ctags
ip route: check ftell, fseek return value
misc/ss: tcp cwnd should be unsigned
ip: Use specific slave id

Hannes Frederic Sowa (1):
iptuntap: show processes using tuntap interface

Igor Ryzhov (1):
fix netlink message length checks

Iskren Chernev (1):
iproute: fix documentation for ip rule scan order

Jamal Hadi Salim (2):
actions: skbedit add support for mod-ing skb pkt_type
tc classifiers: Modernize tcindex classifier

Jiri Benc (2):
vxlan: group address requires net device
tunnels: use macros for IPv6 address comparison

Liping Zhang (1):
ipmonitor: fix ip monitor can't work when NET_NS is not enabled

Nikolay Aleksandrov (1):
ip: route: fix multicast route dumps

Or Gerlitz (1):
devlink: Add e-switch support

Phil Sutter (4):
man: ip-link.8: Document missing geneve options
ip-link: add missing {min,max}_tx_rate to help text
ip-route: Prevent some double spaces in output
iproute: fix documentation for ip rule scan order

Richard Alpe (2):
tipc: fix UDP bearer synopsis
tipc: refactor bearer identification

Roman Mashak (3):
police: add extra space to improve police result printing
police: improve usage message
police: bug fix man page

Roopa Prabhu (2):
bridge: print_vlan: add missing check for json instance
bridge: print_vlan: add missing check for json instance

Sabrina Dubroca (4):
libgenl: introduce genl_init_handle
macsec: show usage even if the module is not available
fou: show usage even if the module is not available
ila: show usage even if the module is not available

Simon Horman (1):
iproute2: correct port in FOU/GRE example

Stephen Hemminger (14):
minor header update from net-next
fib_rules.h update header file
iprule: whitespace cleanup
update kernel headers (net-next)
update kernel header (4.7 net-next)
update headers files to current net-next
include: update net-next XDP headers
update kernel headers
update BPF headers
devlink: whitespace cleanup
remove useless return statement
ip: iptuntap cleanup
update kernel headers from 4.8-rc4

Sushma Sitaram (1):
tc: f_u32: Fill in 'linkid' provided by user

Thomas Graf (1):
tuntap: Add name attribute to usage text

Tom Herbert (6):
ila: Support for checksum neutral translation
ila: Support for configuring ila to use netfilter hook
ip6tnl: Support for fou encapsulation
gre6: Support for fou encapsulation
fou: Allowing configuring IPv6 listener
ipila: Fixed unitialized variables

WANG Cong (1):
tc: fix a misleading failure

Xin Long (1):
ip route: restore_handler should check tb[RTA_PREFSRC] for local networks

Yotam Gigi (2):
tc: Add support for the matchall traffic classifier.
tc: man: Add man entry for the matchall classifier.

anuradhak (1):
bridge: Fix garbled json output seen if a vlan filter is specified

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