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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] s390: remove modular usage from non-modular code
On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 04:37:23PM -0400, Paul Gortmaker wrote:
> My ongoing audit looking for non-modular code that needlessly uses
> modular macros (vs. built-in equivalents) and/or has dead code
> relating to module unloading that can never be executed led to the
> creation of these s390 related commits.
> For anyone new to the underlying goal of this cleanup, we are trying to
> not use module support for code that can never be built as a module since:
> (1) it is easy to accidentally write unused module_exit and remove code
> (2) it can be misleading when reading the source, thinking it can be
> modular when the Makefile and/or Kconfig prohibit it
> (3) it requires the include of the module.h header file which in turn
> includes nearly everything else, thus adding to CPP overhead.
> (4) it gets copied/replicated into other code and spreads like weeds.
> Build tested on current linux-next (allyes/allno/allmod) to ensure no
> silly typos or implicit include issues that would break compilation
> crept in.
> Paul Gortmaker (9):
> s390: cio: make it explicitly non-modular
> s390: char: make zcore explicitly non-modular
> s390: char: make con3215 explicitly non-modular
> s390: char: make sclp_tty explicitly non-modular
> s390: char: make slcp_quiesce explicitly non-modular
> s390: hotplug: make pci_hpc explicitly non-modular
> s390: hypfs: make inode explicitly non-modular
> s390: kernel: make lgr explicitly non-modular
> s390: virtio: make ccw explicitly non-modular

Whole series applied. Thanks!

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