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SubjectRFC if==else in i40iw_virtchnl.
Hi Faisal !

your commit 4097351a47c5 ("i40iw: virtual channel handling files")
adds the following lines in i40iw_vchnl_recv_pf()

+ if (vchnl_msg->iw_op_ver != I40IW_VCHNL_OP_GET_VER_V0)
+ vchnl_pf_send_get_ver_resp(dev, vf_id, vchnl_msg);
+ else
+ vchnl_pf_send_get_ver_resp(dev, vf_id, vchnl_msg);
+ return I40IW_SUCCESS;

as the if==else here this looks buggy - if it is intended it atleast needs
a comment/explaination but it did not seem to make much sense in this
form (Note this is the only place where vchnl_pf_send_get_ver_resp() is
being called so the intent is not clear from code review and thus no patch
can be resonably suggested.


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