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Subject[PATCH v2 0/7] DT bindings for the jz4740-rtc driver
This patch set is a v2 of a patchset I sent in March.

The previous patch 5/5 was garbage and has been dropped.
It was garbage, for two reasons:
- It enforced the jz4740-rtc as the system power controller in the
SoC devicetree file, which introduced policy (maybe the jz4740-based
boards want to use something else as the system power controller)
- It added the 'system-power-controller' entry not to the jz4740-rtc driver
node, but to the 'rtc' clock node... I don't know how that slipped in, but
I apologise for that. I need to raise my QA standards.

For the rest:

1/7: No change

- Remove 'interrupt-parent' of the list of required properties
- Add the -msec suffix for the DT entries that represent time

3/7: No change

- Get a handle to the 'rtc' clock in the probe function, to handle errors early
- Call clk_prepare_enable() on the 'rtc' clock before calling clk_get_rate()
- Use the -msec suffix for the OF properties that deal with time
- Use of_property_read_32() instead of device_property_read_u32()

5/7, 6/7, 7/7: New patches

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