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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] introduce the BFQ-v0 I/O scheduler as an extra scheduler
Dear blk-mq maintainers,

Since years now I use the BFQ disk IO scheduler by default,
always fetching the newest release.

Now a reality story of mine:
For a clean BUG hunt, I was forced to leave out BFQ for a week
recently. Result was an unusable experience with CFQ. Long time
pauses of desktop applications' startup, even KDE menus NOT
opening, when CFQ did "fair" queuing, of course at its best. ;-)

Next, in my usage pattern, often making use of /dev/shm, what is
backed by swap on 2nd disk, is highly eased by BFQ, as there is
no blocking for the rest of the system. CFQ likes to stay
uninteractive until done: No mouse pointer etc.

When CFQ people do like that... they haven't understood linux'
present/ future goals, and maybe have no usage experience to have
the right to discuss this at all.

And until blq-mq+ is matured, mmmh, o.k.,
feature-ready-and-proof, mmmh, o.k. ready with brainstorming...
in ? years...

there's a still actual (!) wish of Linux users (!) for years now
(!), to include BFQ as an addon I/O scheduler into mainline kernel.

Sidenote against false-talkers: Paolo Valente and his team have
always shown to offer updated patches for newly appeared kernel

Best regards,
Manuel Krause

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