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SubjectRe: Kildall
Den 10/3/2016 14:29, skrev Ove Bjørn Karlsen:
> I tried Linux in 2010, with the peak of the Ubuntu distribution,
> Karmic Koala. And soon compiled my own kernel for it. But little
> recognition of my later low-jitter work it would seem. (That actually
> removed all "disk read" stops, from high-performance demanding games
> like Doom 3. Enabling a fluent 3x72 fps, since the engine does 3
> passes pr. frame.)
> And later Microsoft took back its lead. A big corporation like
> Microsoft could probably not be defeated. Unless ofcourse there was
> some real issue, some obscurity, that was the blue elephant in the room.
> In Linux it is GNU. In Microsoft it is Gary Kildall.
> Many may not be aware, that Gary Kildall should actually have been the
> Bill Gates of today. He actually wrote the first microcomputer OS,
> CP/M (~Kernal/console) that Microsoft later infringed on, and copied
> as MS-DOS.
> When I analyse this, it seems american nationalism is at work. Gary
> Kildall had parents of Norwegian and Swedish heritage. Yet few here in
> Norway even seems to be aware of the "real" Bill Gates. While many
> know the enthusiast computing environment have had their brilliant
> people.
> When it comes to the discussion of "Microsoft Business Practises", one
> should definately read
> That is what it really ultimately is about. MS-DOS later even admitted
> to have "CP/M source" in the sourcetree.
> Like I had to leave GNU support due to its obscurity, I have to leave
> "MS" support for the same.
> Things Have To Be Done Right, and if anyone could do that, maybe some
> new OS have a chance :)
> My view of a "good OS", is a high-level low-jitter optimized innerloop
> construct, based on possily just-in-time interpretated language,
> making most of the OS language one, and usable by newbies and
> advanced, that might make assembly aswell. Where often used library
> macros could ultimately be made in H/W and accelerated.
> If you are a brilliant programmer indeed, in the US, salute the flag,
> and be american supergun... :|
> Or.. make a music video:
> Peaceful Saluations.
So to really say what I am thinking.. A Good OS Obeys Metaphysical Laws.

Of Paradox Theos, or the culturally correct corresponding concept.
(Probably not so much "god", but the original Gotan probably was that.)
. .

Peaceful Salutations.

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