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SubjectRe: [PATCH] phy: micrel.c: Support ksz9031 energy-detect power-down mode
On 03-10-16 16:35, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>> + Boolean:
>> +
>> + - enable-edpd : Not related to timing. Specify this property to enable
>> + energy-detect power-down mode in the PHY.
> The Broadcom PHYs unconditionally enable this feature.
> The SMSC driver has an option: smsc,disable-energy-detect because it
> seems to have a rare hardware bug when it is enabled.
> And you would like to make it off by default.
> Could we avoid having three drivers doing three different things?
> Could you have it unconditionally on, and see if anybody reports it
> being broken?

Good suggestion I think. It's a feature found on many PHYs, apparently
without any ill effects, so just enabling unconditionally simplifies
things. And it's good for the environment...

I'll post a v2 patch (which won't need devicetree changes then).

Mike Looijmans

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