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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/7] sched/fair: Update the rq clock before detaching tasks
On Mon, Oct 03, 2016 at 03:37:45PM +0100, Matt Fleming wrote:
> On Mon, 03 Oct, at 02:49:07PM, Peter Zijlstra wrote:

> > The other is through switched_from() where its far harder (but still
> > possible afaict) to miss the update.
> It was the former callchain.

Yep, just found it ;-)

I seem to hit a few you didn't as well.. let me prod at this a wee bit
more before I add more asserts..

4WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1 at ../kernel/sched/sched.h:797 detach_task_cfs_rq+0x6fe/0x930
rq->clock_update_flags < RQCF_ACT_SKIPdModules linked in:
dCPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 4.8.0-00637-g67223e2-dirty #553
dHardware name: Intel Corporation S2600GZ/S2600GZ, BIOS SE5C600.86B.02.02.0002.122320131210 12/23/2013
ffffc900000cbc00 ffffffff816152c5 ffffc900000cbc50 0000000000000000
ffffc900000cbc40 ffffffff810d5bab 0000031d00017b00 ffff88042f817b68
ffff88042dbb0000 ffff88042f817b00 ffff88042dbb0000 ffffffff81c18900
Call Trace:
[<ffffffff816152c5>] dump_stack+0x67/0x92
[<ffffffff810d5bab>] __warn+0xcb/0xf0
[<ffffffff810d5c1f>] warn_slowpath_fmt+0x4f/0x60
[<ffffffff8110efae>] detach_task_cfs_rq+0x6fe/0x930
[<ffffffff8110f1f1>] switched_from_fair+0x11/0x20
[<ffffffff810fde77>] __sched_setscheduler+0x2a7/0xb40
[<ffffffff810fe779>] _sched_setscheduler+0x69/0x70
[<ffffffff810ff243>] sched_set_stop_task+0x53/0x90
[<ffffffff81173703>] cpu_stop_create+0x23/0x30
[<ffffffff810f90c0>] __smpboot_create_thread.part.2+0xb0/0x100
[<ffffffff810f91ef>] smpboot_register_percpu_thread_cpumask+0xdf/0x140
[<ffffffff823c24e7>] ? pid_namespaces_init+0x40/0x40
[<ffffffff823c254b>] cpu_stop_init+0x64/0x9b
[<ffffffff8100040d>] do_one_initcall+0x3d/0x150
[<ffffffff8107763d>] ? print_cpu_info+0x7d/0xe0
[<ffffffff823a0001>] kernel_init_freeable+0xcc/0x207
[<ffffffff81a7d8d0>] ? rest_init+0x90/0x90
[<ffffffff81a7d8de>] kernel_init+0xe/0x100
[<ffffffff81a89bc7>] ret_from_fork+0x27/0x40
4---[ end trace 90bea7c93d2289cb ]---

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