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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2] pinctrl: qcom: Add msm8994 pinctrl driver
On Wed 26 Oct 16:32 PDT 2016, Michael Scott wrote:

> Initial pinctrl driver for QCOM msm8994 platforms.
> In order to continue the initial board support for QCOM msm8994/msm8992
> presented in patches from Jeremy McNicoll <>, let's put
> a proper pinctrl driver in place.
> Currently, the DT for these platforms uses the msm8x74 pinctrl driver to enable
> basic UART. Beyond the first few pins the rest are different enough to justify
> it's own driver.
> Note: This driver is also be used by QCOM's msm8992 platform as it's TLM block
> is the same.

I'm not up to speed on the 8992/8994 story, but please add a
"qcom,msm8992-pinctrl" compatible to the list as well.

> - Initial formatting and style was taken from the msm8x74 pinctrl driver added
> by Björn Andersson <>
> - Data was then adjusted per QCOM MSM8994 documentation for Top Level Multiplexing

I think this is good enough. It looks reasonable and you based it on the
data sheet. Any fixes to the tables can be added incrementally.

> - Bindings documentation was based on qcom,msm8996-pinctrl.txt by
> Joonwoo Park <> and then modified for msm8994 content
> Signed-off-by: Michael Scott <>

Please add the compatible and you have my

Acked-by: Bjorn Andersson <>


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