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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] introduce the BFQ-v0 I/O scheduler as an extra scheduler
Hey, people,
don't you annoy yourselves all the time?
The BFQ patches provide a useful alternative for the code called
"legacy" by you, while you're not maintaining the base any more,
and just about to invent something new, again. ?!
When blk-mq has no scheduler -> work on it. When you want to
develop I/O scheduler APIs -> work on it. Maybe you even want to
collaborate with someone, who already has a working solution,
meaning Paolo Valente +team, with BFQ. Too much for you?

I don't see any progress with your blk-mq work since years, while
Paolo Valente continuously improves and maintains the BFQ.

I need to be a little impolite on here: Several blk maintainers
behave as masters of the universe, just to keep up their own
view/ claim. That's a real shame for all Linux.

Best regards,
Manuel Krause

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