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Subject[ANNOUNCE] BFS CPU scheduler v0.512 for linux-4.8, 4.8-ck1
This is to announce an updated stable version of the Brain Fuck Scheduler, 
version 0.512 for the current stable linux kernel for improved responsiveness
and interactivity.

A -ck branded release with minor tweaks and the addition of Jens' writeback
throttling v7 (I'm watching the BFQ discussions with great interest at the
moment) is also available as -ck1:

Note that this may be the last BFS based -ck release as the Multiple Queue
Skiplist Scheduler, MuQSS (pronounced mux) is designed to replace it, being
the logical evolution of the same scheduler into a more scalable discrete
runqueue design with an identical scheduling decision mechanism as BFS.

See introduction here:

It is still immature and requires more testing and no doubt bug-fixes but is
usable in its current form already - although lock debugging may be very
unhappy for it does perverse things with locking. For those willing to try it
in its current version, an incremental patch can be applied to BFS 512:

or there is a full patch against 4.8:

Feedback and bug reports are most welcome, though bear in mind that it is
(intentionally) extremely simple in its balancing design between CPUs in its
current form and there may be workloads that benefit more from something like
the complex balancing mechanism in mainline - although the opposite may also
be true.

All patches available here:

Code blog:



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