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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] 4.8-rc5-rt1 beta
[[ANNOUNCE] 4.8-rc5-rt1 beta] On 06/09/2016 (Tue 14:25) Paul Gortmaker wrote:

> This is a carry forward of the -rt patches off v4.6.7-rt11 through
> mainline commits of v4.7 and up to the current v4.8-rc5.


> Patch conflicts/issues of interest 4.7 --> 4.8
> ----------------------------------------------

-mainline changed the qdisc from a simple bit to a seqcount; this causes
a splat from migrate_enable, but I didn't initially see that since the
sanity check relies on SCHED_DEBUG=y. This causes the -rt patch that
faked out the lock status to splat; further details are at

No point in anyone else having to redo the root cause research on this a
second time; I've updated the above repo for this and for some other mm
fallout from 4.8-rc7 in memcontrol.c so that the patches will apply for
what inevitably becomes v4.8 final in a couple hours.

That said, my original comments still apply -- this remains as a resource
for developers who track the -rt progress, and how mainline will impact
it. The release of 4.8 in mainline does not somehow change this repo
into a stable/supported -rt release by osmosis. If you don't regularly
manually apply and test patches, including resolving sleeping while
atomic kernel backtrace dumps, you probably should not be using this.


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