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Subject[PATCH 00/12] external array access helpers

The first two patches in the series fix the concrete bug (a boot crash
when using gcc 7.0+) by defining new wrappers for arrays defined in
linker scripts. These two patches should probably go into the kernel +
stable as soon as people are happy with the new interface. Not sure who
would pick this up, Greg maybe?

The rest of the patches are more to try out other users of the API to
get a feel for what the patches will look like. Eventually all the users
in the whole kernel should probably be converted to avoid similar latent
bugs, but I don't have the means to test many of the changes myself.
These patches do not fix not any known crashes as far as I'm aware and
can probably trickle in through specific maintainers.

Looks like Luis R. Rodriguez has some related work on linker tables.
AFAICT that should be orthogonal to this, although there may be source
level conflicts.


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