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Subject[GIT PULL] fs/befs/
Hi Linus,

I recently took maintainership of the befs file system [0]. This is the first
time I send you a git pull request, so please let me know if all the below is

Salah Triki and myself have been cleaning the code and fixing a few small bugs.

Sorry I couldn't send this sooner in the merge window, I was waiting to have my
GPG key signed by kernel members at ELCE in Berlin a few days ago.

Thank you very much,


The following changes since commit c8d2bc9bc39ebea8437fd974fdbc21847bb897a3:

Linux 4.8 (2016-10-02 16:24:33 -0700)

are available in the git repository at: tags/befs-v4.9-rc1

for you to fetch changes up to a17e7d2010b44103e3b8e00d0c8c510606457bc6:

befs: befs: fix style issues in datastream.c (2016-10-08 10:01:36 +0100)

befs fixes for 4.9-rc1

Luis de Bethencourt (21):
befs: check return of sb_min_blocksize
befs: fix function name in documentation
befs: remove unused functions
fs: befs: check silent flag before logging error
fs: befs: remove comment that confuses kernel-doc
befs: avoid dereferencing dentry twice
befs: remove constant variable
befs: use simpler while loop
befs: make consistent use of befs_error()
befs: in memory free_node_ptr and max_size never read
befs: fix typo in befs_bt_read_node documentation
befs: remove unused BEFS_BT_PARMATCH
befs: fix typo in befs_find_key
befs: dump inode_size superblock information
befs: add check for ag_shift in superblock
befs: fix comment style
befs: fix style issues in super.c
befs: fix typos in btree.c
befs: fix typos in datastream.c
befs: improve documentation in datastream.c
befs: befs: fix style issues in datastream.c

Salah Triki (18):
fs/befs/linuxvfs.c: move useless assignment
fs/befs/linuxvfs.c: check silent flag before logging errors
fs/befs/linuxvfs.c: remove useless pr_err in befs_fill_super()
fs/befs/linuxvfs.c: remove useless befs_error
fs: befs: remove useless pr_err in befs_init_inodecache()
fs: befs: replace befs_bread by sb_bread
fs: befs: Remove redundant validation from befs_find_brun_direct
fs: befs: Coding style fix
fs: befs: Remove useless calls to brelse in befs_find_brun_dblindirect
fs: befs: Insert NULL inode to dentry
fs: befs: remove in vain variable assignment
fs: befs: remove useless initialization to zero
fs: befs: remove unnecessary *befs_sb variable
fs: befs: remove in vain variable assignment
fs: befs: remove ret variable
befs: add flags field to validate superblock state
befs: fix typo in befs_sb_info
befs: remove unnecessary initialization

fs/befs/befs.h | 19 ++++---------
fs/befs/btree.c | 60 ++++++++++++++++++---------------------
fs/befs/datastream.c | 253 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
fs/befs/debug.c | 1 +
fs/befs/io.c | 26 +----------------
fs/befs/io.h | 2 --
fs/befs/linuxvfs.c | 130 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------------------------
fs/befs/super.c | 36 +++++++++++++----------
8 files changed, 244 insertions(+), 283 deletions(-)

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