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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 2/3] PM / Domains: Add support for devices with multiple domains

On 07/10/16 10:14, Kevin Hilman wrote:
> Jon Hunter <> writes:
>> Some devices may require more than one PM domain to operate and this is
>> not currently by the PM domain framework. Furthermore, the current Linux
>> 'device' structure only allows devices to be associated with a single PM
>> domain and so cannot easily be associated with more than one. To allow
>> devices to be associated with more than one PM domain, if multiple
>> domains are defined for a given device (eg. via device-tree), then:
>> 1. Create a new PM domain for this device. The name of the new PM domain
>> created matches the device name for which it was created for.
>> 2. Register the new PM domain as a sub-domain for all PM domains
>> required by the device.
>> 3. Attach the device to the new PM domain.
> Did you look at what might be involved to extend struct device to hace a
> list of pm_domains? Like Ulf, I'm a bit unsettled by this
> implementation that has to work around the basic limitation in the
> driver model.

I had but it was going to be a much bigger and intrusive change. So I
went with this as a initial idea to see if others also had a need for
it. I am happy to start looking at extended the device struct if this is
the preferred path and I would agree that would make most sense.

> Having devices in multitple domains is needed for SoCs I'm familiar with
> also, so is a needed feature.

Ok great.

> I think removing the struct device limitation and corresponding
> assumptions in the driver and PM core is a prerequisite for this
> feature.
> Doing that will lead to several questions about how to handle runtime PM
> operations (e.g. which of the multiple PM domains should the one to call
> the drivers runtime PM hooks when a device changes runtime PM state?)

Right. My initial thought would be that at least for device-tree based
configuration, that the order in which the pm-domains are defined in DT
would determine the order in which the pm-domains are power-on/off.

> Anyways, even with the potential complexities, I think attempting this
> is the right way forward.

Ok. I will start having a think about this but will probably not get
back to this for a few weeks.



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