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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] clk: s2mps11: allocate only one structure for clock init
On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 6:43 PM, Andi Shyti <> wrote:
> Hi Yadwinder,
>> The driver allocates three structures for three different clock
>> types. They are quite similar and in the clock init data they
>> differ only by the name. Only one of these structure is used,
>> while the others lie unused in the memory.
>> If you are worried about memory, they can be made __initdata by
>> creating a copy during probe.
> mmmhhh... allocating in boot time as much as we want and then copy
> what we need? It doesn't look that pretty to me.

I think its not a new practice and I don't see any issue with it.

>> The clock's name, though, is not such a meaningful information
>> I think it can be meaningful in debugging.
> Can you explain what's the use of the naming other than
> debugging?

Isn't debugging important enough ? :)

I had misunderstood your below statement.
Looking at code, it seems its still using different names for different clocks.

>> and by assigning the same name to the initial data we can avoid
>> over allocation. The common name chosen will be s2mps11,
>> coherently with the device driver name, instead of the clock
>> device.
>> Therefore, remove the structures associated to s2mps13 and
>> s2mps14 and use only the one referred to s2mps11 for all kind of
>> clocks.
>> IMHO, with all these modifications, it will leave driver with some extra
>> checks and reduced readability, perhaps will make it complex to add
>> support for similar clocks but with different clk_ops, if next version or
>> any similar mfd chip comes up in future.
> In that case, when the new chip will come, we would need to
> figure out something,

Different structures were introduced to handle such cases and keep
driver simple and clean by keeping keep no. of if() checks as limited
as possible.

> but for sure I don't see it as a good idea
> to leave allocated unused structures.

Even a single unused structure isn't a good idea, in case where this driver
doesn't get probed. :)


> Thanks,
> Andi
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