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Subject[RFC 00/26] perf tools: Introduce hists specific format entries
currently we have global format sort and output
lists. This rfc patchset introduces hists object
based format entries to allow the hist object to
carry specific format entries.

This will allow to have distinguished hist objects
displaying different stuff in output.

Also available in:

thanks for comments,

Jiri Olsa (26):
perf tools: Factor output_resort from hists__output_resort
perf tools: Introduce perf_evsel__output_resort function
perf tools: Add _idx fields into struct perf_hpp_fmt
perf tools: Use struct perf_hpp_fmt::idx in perf_hpp__reset_width
perf tools: Add equal method to perf_hpp_fmt struct
perf tools: Add hpp__equal callback function
perf tools: Make hpp setup function generic
perf report: Move ui initialization ahead of sort setup
perf tools: Allocate output sort field
perf tools: Remove perf_hpp__column_(disable|enable)
perf tools: Properly release format fields
perf tools: Separate sort fields parsing into setup_sort_list function
perf tools: Separate output fields parsing into setup_output_list function
perf tools: Introduce struct perf_hpp_list
perf tools: Introduce perf_hpp_list__init function
perf tools: Add perf_hpp_list register helpers
perf tools: Pass perf_hpp_list all the way through setup_sort_list
perf tools: Pass perf_hpp_list all the way through setup_output_list
perf tools: Introduce perf_hpp_list__for_each_format macro
perf tools: Introduce perf_hpp_list__for_each_format_safe macro
perf tools: Introduce perf_hpp_list__for_each_sort_list macro
perf tools: Introduce perf_hpp_list__for_each_sort_list_safe macro
perf tools: Add struct perf_hpp_list argument to helper functions
perf tools: Add hpp_list into struct hists object
perf tools: Introduce hists__for_each_format macro
perf tools: Introduce hists__for_each_sort_list macro

tools/perf/builtin-annotate.c | 2 +-
tools/perf/builtin-report.c | 20 ++++-----
tools/perf/builtin-top.c | 10 +++--
tools/perf/tests/hists_cumulate.c | 2 +-
tools/perf/tests/hists_filter.c | 2 +-
tools/perf/tests/hists_output.c | 10 ++---
tools/perf/ui/browsers/hists.c | 8 ++--
tools/perf/ui/gtk/hists.c | 6 +--
tools/perf/ui/hist.c | 170 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------------
tools/perf/ui/stdio/hist.c | 10 ++---
tools/perf/util/hist.c | 47 ++++++++++++++------
tools/perf/util/hist.h | 65 ++++++++++++++++++++--------
tools/perf/util/sort.c | 231 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------------
13 files changed, 359 insertions(+), 224 deletions(-)

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