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Subject[BUG REPORT] ktime_get_ts64 causes Hard Lockup
If I suspend all processors in the NMI handler while in the debugger
console at an active breakpoint, and then I leave the system in the
console for about 20 minutes with the processors spinning, then exit
and release the processors, ktime_get_ts64 enters an infinite loop and
triggers the Hard Lockup detector. Nice having a debugger to just
step into the NMI handlers and find this stuff now.

The offending code is:

(2)> u ktime_get_ts64+9d
<<< this section gets stuck in an infinite loop.
0xffffffff810ede1d 482D00CA9A3B sub rax,0x3b9aca00
0xffffffff810ede23 83C201 add edx,0x1
0xffffffff810ede26 483DFFC99A3B cmp rax,0x3b9ac9ff
0xffffffff810ede2c 77EF ja ktime_get_ts64+0x9d
(0xffffffff810ede1d) (up)
0xffffffff810ede2e 4801CA add rdx,rcx
0xffffffff810ede31 48894308 mov QWORD PTR
0xffffffff810ede35 488913 mov QWORD PTR [rbx]=0xFFFFFFFFA0742000,rdx
0xffffffff810ede38 5B pop rbx
0xffffffff810ede39 415C pop r12
0xffffffff810ede3b 415D pop r13
0xffffffff810ede3d 5D pop rbp
0xffffffff810ede3e C3 ret
0xffffffff810ede3f 31D2 xor edx,edx
0xffffffff810ede41 EBEB jmp ktime_get_ts64+0xae
(0xffffffff810ede2e) (up)
0xffffffff810ede43 BE11030000 mov esi,0x311
0xffffffff810ede48 48C7C751C38D81 mov rdi,0xffffffff818dc351
0xffffffff810ede4f E82C12F9FF call warn_slowpath_null
0xffffffff810ede54 E946FFFFFF jmp ktime_get_ts64+0x1f
(0xffffffff810edd9f) (up)
0xffffffff810ede59 F390 pause
0xffffffff810ede5b E942FFFFFF jmp ktime_get_ts64+0x22
(0xffffffff810edda2) (up)

Same code in GDB format

(2)> id ktime_get_ts64+9d
0xffffffff810ede1d ktime_get_ts64+0x9d: sub $0x3b9aca00,%rax
0xffffffff810ede23 ktime_get_ts64+0xa3: add $0x1,%edx
0xffffffff810ede26 ktime_get_ts64+0xa6: cmp $0x3b9ac9ff,%rax
0xffffffff810ede2c ktime_get_ts64+0xac: ja 0xffffffff810ede1d
ktime_get_ts64+0x9d (up)
0xffffffff810ede2e ktime_get_ts64+0xae: add %rcx,%rdx
0xffffffff810ede31 ktime_get_ts64+0xb1: mov %rax,0x8(%rbx)
0xffffffff810ede35 ktime_get_ts64+0xb5: mov %rdx,(%rbx)
0xffffffff810ede38 ktime_get_ts64+0xb8: pop %rbx
0xffffffff810ede39 ktime_get_ts64+0xb9: pop %r12
0xffffffff810ede3b ktime_get_ts64+0xbb: pop %r13
0xffffffff810ede3d ktime_get_ts64+0xbd: pop %rbp
0xffffffff810ede3e ktime_get_ts64+0xbe: retq
0xffffffff810ede3f ktime_get_ts64+0xbf: xor %edx,%edx
0xffffffff810ede41 ktime_get_ts64+0xc1: jmp 0xffffffff810ede2e
ktime_get_ts64+0xae (up)
0xffffffff810ede43 ktime_get_ts64+0xc3: mov $0x311,%esi
0xffffffff810ede48 ktime_get_ts64+0xc8: mov $0xffffffff818dc351,%rdi
0xffffffff810ede4f ktime_get_ts64+0xcf: callq 0xffffffff8107f080
0xffffffff810ede54 ktime_get_ts64+0xd4: jmpq 0xffffffff810edd9f
ktime_get_ts64+0x1f (up)
0xffffffff810ede59 ktime_get_ts64+0xd9: pause
0xffffffff810ede5b ktime_get_ts64+0xdb: jmpq 0xffffffff810edda2
ktime_get_ts64+0x22 (up)
(2)> g

What is strange is the math its doing. It is subtracting a fixed
value from rax then comparing the value. It looks like this is case
where the value may have wrapped and the code just wasn;t setup to
handle it.

0xffffffff810ede1d 482D00CA9A3B sub rax,0x3b9aca00
0xffffffff810ede23 83C201 add edx,0x1
0xffffffff810ede26 483DFFC99A3B cmp rax,0x3b9ac9ff
0xffffffff810ede2c 77EF ja ktime_get_ts64+0x9d
(0xffffffff810ede1d) (up)

The C code is:

* ktime_get_ts64 - get the monotonic clock in timespec64 format
* @ts: pointer to timespec variable
* The function calculates the monotonic clock from the realtime
* clock and the wall_to_monotonic offset and stores the result
* in normalized timespec64 format in the variable pointed to by @ts.
void ktime_get_ts64(struct timespec64 *ts)
struct timekeeper *tk = &tk_core.timekeeper;
struct timespec64 tomono;
s64 nsec;
unsigned int seq;


do {
seq = read_seqcount_begin(&tk_core.seq);
ts->tv_sec = tk->xtime_sec;
nsec = timekeeping_get_ns(&tk->tkr_mono);
tomono = tk->wall_to_monotonic;
} while (read_seqcount_retry(&tk_core.seq, seq));
ts->tv_sec += tomono.tv_sec;
ts->tv_nsec = 0;
timespec64_add_ns(ts, nsec + tomono.tv_nsec);

Any ideas how to fix this problem? That do {} while gets stuck there.


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