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SubjectRE: [PATCH V3 0/2] AMD NTB V3 changes

> > > I want to add flush function into ntb_transport.c, but I can't
> > > verify the implementation
> >
> > Ok. That's a good reason to hold back the flush mechanism: it's not been
> tested.
> >
> > Nak (for now): [PATCH V3 2/2] NTB: Add support for flush request
> > interface
> >
> > Don't give up. Please keep working on this, and the power management
> patch, to get them reviewed and accepted. It's your choice whether or not
> to submit the patches, and when. I'd encourage you to do it early, rather
> than delay.
> I'd like to echo Allen's comment above. Do not give up. This code is very
> close to being accepted (once the issues that Allen and I pointed out are
> addressed). If you can get us another version on/before Wednesday, it
> should make the 4.5 release (assuming it is acceptable and the wdinow is not
> closed prematurely).
> Thanks for all of your hard work (and many thanks to Allen for his reviews of
> the code as well).

I'll change code right now and please help reviewed it again.

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