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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 3/3] serial: amba-pl011: add ACPI support to AMBA probe
Graeme Gregory wrote:
>> >
>> >So with this patch, what is the difference between sbsa_uart_probe and
>> >pl011_probe? Shouldn't the patch also remove sbsa_uart_probe?
>> >
> One is for amba_device and one is for platform_device and one maintainer
> indicated displeasure at platfrom device being in an AMBA driver.

Ok, I'm still a little confused, but it sounds to me like your patch
should have also removed sbsa_uart_probe().

With your patches applied, under what circumstance would
sbsa_uart_probe() still be called? The amba-pl011.c driver already
probes on ARMH0011, so shouldn't that be removed, to avoid a double probe?

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