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Subject[GIT PULL] regmap updates for v4.5
The following changes since commit 168309855a7d1e16db751e9c647119fe2d2dc878:

Linux 4.4-rc8 (2016-01-03 15:15:37 -0800)

are available in the git repository at:

git:// tags/regmap-v4.5

for you to fetch changes up to 6cb07abcc318be8dfbec5d19bc982536d64106a9:

Merge remote-tracking branches 'regmap/topic/mmio', 'regmap/topic/rbtree' and 'regmap/topic/seq' into regmap-next (2016-01-05 19:07:18 +0000)

regmap: Changes for v4.5

There's no real overall theme to the regmap changes for this release,
it's a collection of individual features. The main bits are:

- Support for 64 bit registers, mainly for MMIO use, from Xiubo Li.
- Support for trigger type configuration for regmap-irq from Laxman
- Use native physical I/O for MMIO register maps to avoid confusion
with the conversions that readl() and writel() do to little endian on
big endian systems (with some DT updates to fix some workarounds
people were doing), code from Simon Arlott.
- Use a binary search rather than iteraton to improve the runtime
performance of the rbtree code from Nikesh Oswal.

Dan Carpenter (2):
regmap: shift wrapping bugs in 64 bit code
regmap: missing case statement

Daniel Wagner (1):
regmap: Fix leftover from struct reg_default to struct reg_sequence change

Laxman Dewangan (1):
regmap: irq: add support for configuration of trigger type

Mark Brown (5):
regmap: debugfs: Use seq_file for the access map
Merge remote-tracking branch 'regmap/topic/cache' into regmap-next
Merge remote-tracking branch 'regmap/topic/core' into regmap-next
Merge remote-tracking branches 'regmap/topic/64bit' and 'regmap/topic/irq-type' into regmap-next
Merge remote-tracking branches 'regmap/topic/mmio', 'regmap/topic/rbtree' and 'regmap/topic/seq' into regmap-next

Nikesh Oswal (1):
regmap: rbtree: When adding a reg do a bsearch for target node

Simon Arlott (1):
regmap-mmio: Use native endianness for read/write

Xiubo Li (9):
regmap: mmio: remove the useless code
regmap: mmio: Add regmap_mmio_get_min_stride
regmap: add 64-bit mode support
regmap: fix the warning about unused variable
regmap: cache: To suppress the noise of checkpatch
regmap: cache: Add 64-bit mode support
regmap: cache: Add warning info for the cache check
regmap: cache: Move the num_reg_defaults check as early as possible
regmap: use IS_ALIGNED instead of % to improve the performance

lixiubo (2):
regmap: replace kzalloc with kcalloc
regmap: replace kmalloc with kmalloc_array

arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm6328.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7125.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7346.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7358.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7360.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7362.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7420.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7425.dtsi | 1 -
arch/mips/boot/dts/brcm/bcm7435.dtsi | 1 -
drivers/base/regmap/regcache-flat.c | 2 +-
drivers/base/regmap/regcache-lzo.c | 6 +-
drivers/base/regmap/regcache-rbtree.c | 18 ++++--
drivers/base/regmap/regcache.c | 41 ++++++++++--
drivers/base/regmap/regmap-debugfs.c | 69 ++++++--------------
drivers/base/regmap/regmap-irq.c | 113 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
drivers/base/regmap/regmap-mmio.c | 66 +++++++++++--------
drivers/base/regmap/regmap.c | 118 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
include/linux/regmap.h | 18 +++++-
18 files changed, 341 insertions(+), 119 deletions(-)
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