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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/6] Add Advantech iManager EC driver set
On 01/10/2016 03:31 PM, wrote:
> From: Richard Vidal-Dorsch <>
> The Advantech iManager is an embedded controller (depending on board type,
> ITE it8518/it8528) on which a custom firmware runs. All drivers (GPIO, I2C,
> HWmon, Watchdog, and backlight) are being managed by the imanager mfd driver.
> The imanager mfd driver acts as a 'gateway' and handles all communications
> between the EC and sub-drivers (GPIO, I2C, ...). The feature specific
> communication portions are split up into core files such as
> imanager-ec-[gpio, i2c, ...].
> Changes from v2:
> I forgot to remove .owner from other drivers too... silly me!
> - Remove .owner from platform_driver in:
> drivers/gpio/imanager-bl
> drivers/gpio/imanager-core.c
> drivers/gpio/imanager-i2c.c
> drivers/gpio/imanager-hwmon.c

Hi Richard,

in case there are more alerts from the 0day build system, or minor feedback
from others, please give us time to actually review the code before
resending the series. I have not even had time to look into v1 (and I bet
no one else had either), and you already sent v3, just to remove various
.owner fields.

Also, please be a bit patient. The commit window just opened, meaning
all maintainers will be busy preparing to send pull requests to Linus.


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