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SubjectRe: [PATCH -next 1/2] net: bfin_mac: Fix error handling in probe function
On 01/09/2016 12:52 PM, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 09, 2016 at 10:10:41AM -0800, Guenter Roeck wrote:
>> Hi Andrew,
>> On 01/09/2016 08:58 AM, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>> Hi Guenter
>>> Same fix was submitted yesterday by Sudip Mukherjee.
>> I missed that one, sorry.
>> How about drivers/net/ethernet/toshiba/tc35815.c ? It now has an unused
>> variable due to e7f4dc3536a4, and it fails to build because of 7f854420fbfe.
>> Which leads to the question which of the other build failures due to
>> 7f854420fbfe have been addressed already. In addition to the toshiba driver,
>> I see build failures in drivers/net/ethernet/ti/cpmac.c and possibly
>> drivers/staging/octeon/ethernet-rgmii.c (the error message is different,
>> so it may be something else).
>> I don't see patches for those, but I guess I must be blind, so I figure I
>> better ask before I send out mine.
> That i have seen so far:
> Wantiq_etp.c: Me
> octeon/ethernet-rgmii.c: Me
> adi/bfin_mac.c: Sudip Mukerjee

I re-posted this one anyway, using phy_find_first.

> nxp/lpc_eth.c: Fabio Estevam
> Plus there is an interesting one for micrel.c which is going to have
> to wait a while.
How about those ?

drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/ucc_geth.c: In function 'uec_configure_serdes':
drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/ucc_geth.c:1719:20: error: 'struct phy_device' has no member named 'dev'

drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fs_enet/mac-fec.c: In function 'stop':
drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fs_enet/mac-fec.c:366:36: error: 'struct phy_device' has no member named 'bus'


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