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SubjectRe: [PATCH] power: bq24261_charger: Add support for TI BQ24261 charger
On 10.09.2015 03:11, Pallala, Ramakrishna wrote:
>>> +Optional properties:
>>> +- ti,thermal-sensing: boolean, if present thermal regulation will be
>>> +enabled;
>> What is the requirement for thermal-sensing? Can it be enabled always?
>> If yes, then this is not really a hardware property.
> TI BQ24261 has provision to add Battery Pack thermistor but it has no ADC read it.
> So a HW designer would or may not add the thermistor to charger and instead he can
> connect to the Fuel Gauge.

Thanks for explanation, makes sense.

>>> +- ti,enable-user-write: boolean, if present driver will allow the user space
>>> + to control the charging current and voltage through sysfs;
>> This is not DT property. It does not describe hardware.
> We needed a mechanism to enable the sysfs writes on certain properties.
> If DT is not the place where should it go?

DT is not the place. As I discussed later with Andreas, if you really
need this and if mainline is a place for that then probably this should
be compile option (a Kconfig symbol).

I found one more issue after Andreas comments but I respond in that email.

Best regards,

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