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SubjectRe: [[PATCH v6 09/10] powerpc/perf/hv-24x7: Use PMU_TXN_READ interface
Michael Ellerman [] wrote:
| > > This looks fine to me from an arch perspective. I assume the whole series can
| > > go via tip-something?
| >
| > Yeah, I've had it queued for a few days, there was one s390 compile
| > fail reported by the build-bot, which I've just fixed. So if nothing
| > weird happens, it should hit tip somewhere this week.

Peter, thanks for fixing the typo.

| Great, thanks.
| Now Sukadev can focus on getting the JSON events support merged, hopefully it
| won't require another 16 versions.

:-) BTW, other than an occasional patch from Andi Kleen (on top of the v16), I
have not received any comments on the JSON file patch set, so I don't have a
v17 in the pipeline...


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