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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm/mmap.c: Remove useless statement "vma = NULL" in find_vma()
On 09/08, Chen Gang wrote:
> I also want to consult: the comments of find_vma() says:

Sorry, I don't understand the question ;)

> "Look up the first VMA which satisfies addr < vm_end, ..."
> Is it OK?

Why not?

> (why not "vm_start <= addr < vm_end"),

Because this some callers actually want to find the 1st vma which
satisfies addr < vm_end? For example, shift_arg_pages().

OTOH, I think that another helper,

find_vma_xxx(mm, addr)
vma = find_vma(...)
if (vma && vma->vm_start > addr)
vma = NULL;
return vma;

makes sense. It can have a lot of users.

> need we let "vma = tmp"
> in "if (tmp->vm_start <= addr)"? -- it looks the comments is not match
> the implementation, precisely (maybe not 1st VMA).

This contradicts with above... I mean, it is not clear what exactly do
you blame, semantics or implementation.

The implementation looks correct. Why do you think it can be not 1st vma?


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