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Subject[PATCH v5 0/9] Goodix touchscreen enhancements
Add several enhancements to the Goodix touchscreen driver.
This version adds runtime power management and includes some cleanup.


Changes in v5:
- add some more style cleanup (reorder includes, use error instead
of ret for return values)
- add runtime power management patch

Changes in v4:
- use dmi quirk to determine the order of irq and reset pins
- use actual config length depending on device
- add sysfs interface to dump config
- initialize esd timeout from ACPI/DT propery

Changes in v3:
- dropped the first 3 patches that got merged
- handle -EPROBE_DEFER and -ENOENT for gpio pins
- skip functionality depending on the gpio pins if the pins are not
properly initialized from ACPI/DT (reset, write config, power management,
- dropped #ifdef CONFIG_PM_SLEEP and annotated with __maybe_unused instead
- use sysfs property to set ESD timeout instead of ACPI/DT property
- use request_firmware_nowait to read configuration firmware and use defaults
if firmware is not found
- use ACPI IDs to determine the order of the GPIO pins in the ACPI tables
(interrupt pin first or reset pin first)

Changes in v2:
- use request_firmware instead of ACPI/DT property for config
- dropped "input: goodix: add ACPI IDs for GT911 and GT9271" patch
- add ACPI DSDT excerpt in commit message where necessary
- add comments for suspend/resume sleep values
- dropped the checkpatch fixes that did not make sense
- added Bastien's ack to the first patch

Irina Tirdea (9):
Input: goodix - sort includes alphabetically
Input: goodix - use actual config length for each device type
Input: goodix - reset device at init
Input: goodix - write configuration data to device
Input: goodix - add power management support
Input: goodix - use goodix_i2c_write_u8 instead of i2c_master_send
Input: goodix - add support for ESD
Input: goodix - add sysfs interface to dump config
Input: goodix - add runtime power management support

.../bindings/input/touchscreen/goodix.txt | 11 +
drivers/input/touchscreen/goodix.c | 709 +++++++++++++++++++--
2 files changed, 679 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)


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