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Subject[PATCH v3] Remove #ifdef CONFIG_* from all userspace headers
This patch set used to be called "[PATCH] Remove #ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
from all asm-generic/fcntl.h".

This is version 3 of the patch set. I think things are kind of
cleaning up, but there's still some questions I have:

* #4 might be dangerous, but I think this is the best way to do it
because otherwise arch maintainers will have to #define this to
something. Since Xtensa already had exactly the same bug as the
asm-generic header did, I think it'd be best to avoid those if

I'm OK changing this to define the value to 0 by default (though
thinking now, I think it'd be better to not define it by default),
since most kernels aren't going to have MAP_UNINITIALIZED do
anything anyway.

* #5 is big and I don't really understand what's going on, so it's
probably broken somewhere.

Also, there's some checkpatch warnings that I purposely haven't fixed:

* In #5, there's a complaint about same-line struct
braces. I've left that in to match the rest of the file, but I can
also fix all of them if that would be better.

* In #10, there's a complaint about a split printk
format string, but that was there before and I don't see a way to
make it a lot cleaner, so I'm leaving it alone.

* In #13, there's two complains. One is about block
comments that is bogus, and one is about long lines but there's
more of those so I think it's OK.

Thanks to everyone who looked at v2!

Changes since v2 (<>)

* Patch set renamed.

* #2 is rewritten to use sys_ni.c instead of an #ifdef

* #3, #6, #8, #9, #10, and #11 no longer use "#ifdef __KERNEL__" but
have instead moved the offending lines to the correct, kernel-only

* #4 has been rewritten to always define MAP_UNINITIALIZED to
non-zero, rather than defining it to zero when in userspace.

* #5 got a whole lot longer -- rather than just always hiding these
fields from userspace, there is now a second "struct
elf_fdpic_prstatus" structure. This should allow userspace to
parse core dumps correctly.

* Rebased onto 9c488de24f7264f08d341024bffdd637b4d04c96.

Changes since v1 (<>)

* All patches but #1 were added.

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