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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] pci: export class IDs from pci_ids.h

> That's a good idea. Martin, could you please answer the following:
> assuming that linux exported linux/pci_ids.h providing class
> IDs that are currently in /usr/include/pci/header.h
> in a header /usr/include/linux/pci_ids.h,
> would libpci be open to replacing part of
> /usr/include/pci/header.h with #include <linux/pci_ids.h>,
> assuming that a solution for old systems that lack this
> header is also provided?

Please remember that libpci is cross-platform. Your proposal would make it
use <linux/pci_ids.h> on Linux and provide its own definitions on all other
systems, which is likely to bring less consistency, not more.

I do not see any point in using kernel headers for things, which are unrelated
to the kernel.

> pciutils does nothing with this value itself, it's possible for a distro
> to ship a wrong header, and no one will notice. OTOH Linux will break if
> it's wrong. In fact there are 3 values libpci does appear to use
> internally:
> I'm guessing others are re-exported for the benefit of
> applications using libpci.

Exactly. And I expect that it will be quite similar with the kernel --
most classes defined in <linux/pci_ids.h> are not likely to be used anywhere
in the kernel.


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