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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: Drop 32-bit support ... finally.
> We really don't want to have this unmaintainable mixture of:
> 128-bit support
> 64-bit support (legacy mode)
> 32-bit support (compat mode)
> 16-bit support (vm86 mode)
> 8-bit support (UART mode)
> ... all in the same kernel!

I think a lot of us working on other free Unixlike OS platforms have
reached a similar conclusion. It's a natural segmentation. The final
commit should include the following helpful table

Bits Free Unixlike OS
8bit FUZIX
16bit ELKS
32bit NetBSD/FreeBSD
64bit Linux

(For 18 and 36bit consult a specialist.. probably a medical one)


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