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SubjectRe: [PATCHv2 0/4] [RESENT] lis3lv02d: update DT binding for use with Nokia N900
On 27/03/15 15:39, Sebastian Reichel wrote:
> Hi,
> [Resent, since I forgot to sent this to drivers/misc
> maintainers and had a small typo in my mail address]
> The lis302 has already a DT binding described in [0],
> which descibes misc. hardware properties. The current
> binding does not support all values needed to convert
> the Nokia N900's platform data to DT, though.
> This patchset introduces support for describing inverted
> axis, configuration of second wakeup unit and wakeup
> threshold support.
> The series is based on top of v4.0-rc1 and has been
> tested on my Nokia N900.
> Tony suggested [1], that the whole patchset should go
> through Greg's tree:
>> This at least currently does not conflict with anything I have
>> queued, so I suggest you try to get Greg to take the whole set:
> [0] Documentation/devicetree/bindings/misc/lis302.txt
> [1]


Sorry for the delay. I've reviewed the patch series and it looks fine on
my side :-)

Reviewed-by: Éric Piel <>

Greg, if that's good with you, please take this patch series in your tree.


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