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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 3/8] pinctrl: cygnus: add initial IOMUX driver support
Linus Walleij schreef op ma 09-03-2015 om 17:28 [+0100]:
> I think you're right. Or I fear you're right.
> But this problem is present in so many drivers that a generic
> fixup needs to be done with a script and across an entire subsystem
> at once,

Why don't we start with checking for similar cases during review, like
I'm now doing for only a week or two?

> and besides I'm not sure of these macros disturb so much.

I think they're confusing at best. Ie, when reading the code and the
corresponding Kconfig file one has to wonder: should the Kconfig symbol
actually be tristate or should it stay bool but did someone forget to
delete the module-specific code?

> They are documentation in a sense, albeit a kind of documentation
> we used before we had git to record the actual authors of the
> code.

They're useful, mostly, for module utilities. Outside that scope they
add information that thousands of files (that can also only be built-in
but do not have these macros) do not have and, apparently, do not need.


Paul Bolle

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